Sunday, March 20, 2011

Supermoon... plan B

So.. I was one of many folks who went out yesterday night to try to catch a glimpse and a photo of "supermoon." I checked the moonrise time and with excitement headed out to the Chicago lakefront with my camera and tripod. Unfortunately, what was a clear day turned into a cloudy night with the moon just a diffuse glow behind thick clouds. I waited for a while, decaf latte in hand, but it was cold and there was no sign of the cloud cover clearing. Disappointment set in.

But there can always be a plan B if you have the right equipment on hand. I've wanted to work on some nighttime landscape photography for a while, but am usually more of an early bird. Since I was already  out in the cold with a tripod and my camera in the dark though, I decided to take a few shots. I was especially pleased with this one, "Night Tree" - I love the contrast and felt like it was sufficiently moody and eerie. I'm glad I didn't freeze by the lakeshore for nothing!

"Night Tree" Chicago 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Golden Gate

Another Instagram post... I'm really liking some of the filters offered in Instagram. This image was taken with an iPhone 3G on a trip to San Francisco. I took photos of the bridge  with my DSLR that day too, but I've always loved this camera image the best! 

Backyard Chicken

Life has been a bit busy, but back to blogging! This is my first experiment with posting through Instagram. Photo of Penny the chicken taken in Chicago with an iPhone 3G. More fun Instagram posts to come.